Dr. Almonte is one of the first surgeons in the United States to utilize plasma energy in creating an instant tightening of the face and neck. Renuvion neck tightening combines traditional neck liposuction, and Renuvion/J-Plasma technology to establish a well-defined neck and jawline without a surgical face lift. At times laser liposuction is implemented as well. If needed, the Precision TX laser is introduced under the skin which “melts” fat, followed by a thorough liposuction of the neck. Upon completion of the liposuction, the Renuvion/J-Plasma technology is introduced under the skin treating its under surface. This stimulates collagen and shrinking of the skin which results in the desired tightening of the neck skin. This is ideal for individuals who may not need a surgical face lift, or those who’ve had one in years past, and now wish to freshen up the neck contour. To learn more about Renuvion technology, please visit https://www.renuvion.com/technology/.


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