People often don’t realize how important lips are to a beautiful face and a youthful look. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lips are the messengers of the heart. Lips are what we use to speak, to eat to kiss and to smile. They are often overlooked in facial beauty, but are such an important feature in looking more youthful and beautiful.

At The Almonte Center we have many options to enhance your lips. Dr. Almonte can enhance your lips by using lip fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane, lip Implants- surgically inserted silicone implants which are permanent, or a lip lift. Lip lifts can be done in one of two methods. In the upper lip, a “bullhorn” incision under the nose can be used, exposing more of the pink surface. Another procedure for the upper lip is what is known as a “vermillion advancement” where the skin above the upper lip is removed and more of the pink tissue is exposed. This incision achieves another goal, which is to remove the deep lines that form above the lip.

In the lower lip, the “vermillion advancement” is the method of choice.

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