The eyes are indeed the “windows” to the soul. What Dr. Almonte aims to do is simply give those windows nice “frames.” This is accomplished by a procedure known as a blepharoplasty.

As we age, our upper eyelids tend to become heavy and start to fold over our eyelashes. In the lower eyelids, “eye bags” form due to fat pushing forward and the skin in the lower eyelid loosening. Both of these features result in a tired, aging look. Furthermore, this can result in the “dark circles” around the eyes that many people complain of. A blepharoplasty can change all of that.

An upper and lower blepharoplasty aims to remove excess skin and excess fat in the upper and lower eyelids resulting in a more youthful, more awake and alert appearance. Patients who have had this procedure done, often report that they no longer look tired, sleepy or angry.

A blepharoplasty can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with an A-lift, Mini Lift or many other procedures here at The Almonte Center.

Dr. Almonte is also an expert in treating Asian eyelids with its unique anatomy.

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