When it comes to tightening the neck and jowls, Dr. Almonte has many options for you to choose from. The A-Lift, which is Dr. Almonte’s signature face lift is the most popular procedure here at The Almonte Center. Dr. Almonte has perfected his face lift over the years, reducing the appearance of jowls, smoothing out loose skin on the face and tightening the underlying muscle known as the SMAS. This maneuver is what provides the longevity of the procedure. With an A-Lift, Dr. Almonte will remove excess fat and skin, creating a more defined jawline and youthful face and neck profile.

The Skin Only Lift is a great option for someone who has had a previous face lift, or someone who simply wants to tighten skin that is in the early stages of aging. The major difference between the A-Lift and the Skin Lift is that no liposuction is performed and no muscle is treated with the Skin Lift.

Neck Liposuction, another procedure to treat a heavy neck is a traditional liposuction technique using a cannula to remove unwanted fat and to contour the neck and jawline rendering a more youthful neck.

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